Saturday, February 28, 2009


The main scope of this project is to avoid accidents at places where there is no person manning the railway crossing gates.

Before a train arrives onto the railway crossing, the railway gate is closed manually (Before the train arrives the authorized person is intimated about the arrival through communication). Because of any reason if communication gap develops between the authorized person near the railway gate and the driver, accidents take place.

To avoid such accidents this project is implemented. This project is the prototype of the original implementation. This can be implemented in real time using GPRS (GSM) technology.

The development of this application requires the configuration of the micro controller architecture, and debugging of the application program. This is extensively used in real time transport systems.

Automatic alarm System for unmanned level crossing is designed to sense the arrival of the train from a distance of 200ms. It helps in taking steps that are necessary to avoid accidents by controlling the railway gate with the help of stepper motor.

A calibrated IR sensor detects the arrival of the train. And raises the alarm and the signal has been given to the micro controller then it will control the railway crossing .We are using L293D to drive the dc motor.



  1. Hey... can i get more details about dis project?? How did u develop the prototype??

  2. can i get the flow chart of this project mail id is


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