Friday, March 6, 2009


In olden days, the security system in the country was very liberal. There was least threat to the security of defense installation and some important places like VVIP residences. Only authorized persons had access to these places. At airports the luggage of passengers were opened and checked manually. The numbers of travelers then were less and this process of checking the luggage was easy. But with the increase of travelers, increase in smuggling of arms and narcotic products, there arose a need to modernize the security system. Thus luggage - scanning system was developed. The manual checking process is time consuming, tedious and fatigue to security personnel. In order to ease this process the X-ray Baggage Inspection System (XBIS) was introduced.
XBIS is used to screen the luggage or cargo for security defense installation. The XBIS system is compact system using X-rays for the quick and efficient examination of handbags, parcels, suitcases etc. The unit is equipped with a conveyor belt, which acts as a transport tunnel. The screening elements can be differentiated based on density and colour. If any suspicious things are detected in the luggage, then it will be manually checked. This system maintains privacy of person’s luggage.
XBIS is optimal for the usage in a public place. Packages and luggage can be examined for weapons, narcotics, explosive devices or other illegal contents without precautionary measures. For repeated exposures, it does not face any radiation dosage threat to the operation personnel or the general public, which conventional system would need to ensure public safety. A simplified, yet, safe operation has been successfully mated with a highly sophisticated screening technology, which provides extremely high image quality.

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