Sunday, April 5, 2009

Automatic Railway Gate control

The project is mainly intended to prevent accidents at un-manned level crossings.
This project uses three pairs of receivers and transmitters at both ends .At either end the transmitters and detectors are placed at different suitable heights. Detector activation time is so adjusted by calculating the time taken at a certain speed to cross atleast one compartment of the standard size. Detectors are fixed at considerable distance on both sides of the gate. The detector along the train direction is called ‘Foreside Detector’ and the other as ‘Aftside Detector’ .When all the Foreside Detectors gets activated, the motor is turned in one direction and the gate is closed and stays closed until the train reaches theAftside Detectors. When all the Aftside Detectors gets activated the motor turns in the opposite direction and the gate opens, then motor stops. Buzzer will sound immediately when the Aftside Detectors get activated thereby warning the motorists and pedestrians to clear the track.

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  1. plzzzzz i want dis project mail me full details.....its very helpful to me....m doing this


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