Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Learn in a quick and easy way to program AT89C51 microcontroller using many practical examples with hexadecimal code. Despite its relative old age, AT89C51 is still the most commonly used microcontroller at present.

Microcontrollers have numerous languages which they can be programmed in. This is a simple programmer to program binary data into the microcontroller. It doesn’t require use of computer and all control signals and data entered manually. The programmer can erase, read and write data into flash memory of the micro controller. It can also read the signature byte of the microcontroller.

This project describes a project where the aim is to develop an Educational Kit for teacher and student of different disciplines in science and engineering. It will help them for easy familiarizing and programming a micro-controller and then make them able to develop a real world application. It will also help the people from industries and research organizations to develop prototype of their micro-controller based applications in easy and fast way. The project is on-going and this project will describe the intended directions and projected outcomes.

For more information mail to btech.electronicprojects@gmail.com


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