Sunday, July 5, 2009


Based on the principle of firing angle control of thyristors on closed loop feedback a definite dc voltage required shall be maintained in order to feed a load a constant DC voltage can be created. As the load goes on drawing more current, the firing angle would be automatically adjusted to maintain the charging current. The above operation is carried out by using two no’s of SCRs connected in back to back in series with a step-down transformer of 10:1 primary to secondary ratio. The secondary voltage shall be connected to a bridge rectifier or a center tapped secondary using two diodes to achieve dc output. Battery voltage shall be monitored by a control circuit automatically adjust the firing angle of the thyristor set through opto-isolators by eliminating any direct feed back connection between primary and secondary. In this project we use a rechargeable battery to be charged using the apparatus, the voltage created is higher than the battery voltage shall be maintained in order to pump the charging current to the battery .

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