Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PC Controlled Robot

In defense service many times it is not affordable in many situations to put human life in trouble in case of rescue operations and emergencies. Requirement of such a situation is to take the inner view of situation without risking any lives. For this purpose a non-living system should be employed. Therefore, we developed an idea to build a robot that does more than just move in a maze.

Having a video signal makes this Robot very useful as a vehicle used for searching and exploring places that human being is limited to such as detecting mines and exploring the unsafe environment. Controlling the robot from different computer a terminal through the internet gives the user flexibility to access it from any computer terminal at any place.

Project Goals

Our goal for the design of project was originally developed from the thought of creating a micro-robot, a robot that finds its way in a maze. This Robot is going to be controlled from a computer with a wide range of functions that we are going to be discussed below. The robot will be controlled from a computer terminal. The user can use the computer to control by using different keys on the computer.

The keys on the computer tell the robot to move forward or reverse, turn right or left, or stop. The on-board RF receiver is sensitive enough for a control range of up to 50 metre. We are also putting a video camera on the robot and sending the video signal on the robot to computer so that the user knows what exactly the Robot is heading.

Possible Approaches

In order to design the Computer-Controlled-Robot, we have considered some

Possibilities in designing approaches. There are three major parts:

1. The micro-controller (for robot).

2. The wireless transmitter-receiver (between robot and computer terminal).

3. The video signal.

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