Friday, September 4, 2009


From the past days man is inventing various things to lead a Comfortable & luxurious life. Not only inventing newer things but also he is continuously attempting to implement new technologies into that field. In this attempt he got success in finding out a computer which can be undoubtedly called as his fantasy.

This project titled as” Check-Post Automation using RFID” to develop a system which examines the records of the vehicles passing the check-post. Currently this is manually done by check-post officers, who have to stop each vehicle for checking. This is time consuming and also delays movement of vehicles in that particular check-post. This can be avoided if a system is developed which automates the manual process of checking the documents.
An RF Based system can give very reliable solution:

In this system an RF Transmitter (called as RF tag) is mounted on the vehicle which transmits signal of a particular frequency .This signal corresponds to the identification number of that particular vehicle. The receiver at the check-post station receives the signal and the Microcontroller generates a code based on that signal. This is sent to the computer in the check-post office, which in turn logs on the server .The server validates the data regarding that particular vehicle and decides either to pass the vehicle or hold the vehicle into custody mode.


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