Friday, October 9, 2009

Micro controller based Parameter Monitoring System

The aim of the Project is to develop a Micro controller based Parameter Monitoring System. It collects the data from temperature and light intensity sensors then transfers the data using Serial cable communication medium. The main design principles and formulations used in designing the Data Logger system are highly flexible and easily enhance for future uses.
Data Acquisition System needs to be designed which continuously monitors or controls and communicates, maintaining a precision according to the application in hand. In other words, the control system should be easily adjustable without the expense of considerable cost and time.

The primary function performed is, the data (temperature, light intensity) collected by the Control unit to centrally located PC with the help of the Serial communication as a medium of communication. That data which is transmitted is displayed on PC and can be stored for future reference. On control unit side, LM35 and LDR converts’ temperature and light intensity into corresponding electrical signals, which is of analog form. This analog data is converted into digital form of data with the help of Analog to Digital Converter. AT 89C51 Micro controller collects the digital data from Analog to Digital Converter and sends data to PC using serial communication. It also sends commands to LCD to display the output of ADC, number of seconds passed and status of data acquired. The data received in the PC can be viewed either in the ‘C’ Language or in the communication utility software called Hyper Terminal.


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