Saturday, April 23, 2011

Body Temperature Monitoring Using an SMS-Based Telemedicine System(Mini Project)

A mobile monitoring system utilizing Short Message Service with low-cost hardware equipment has been developed and implemented to enable transmission of the temperature. The experimental setup can be operated for monitoring from anywhere covered by the Cellular (GSM) service by exchanging SMS messages with the remote mobile device. At the consultation unit, dedicated Medical expert should be present to follow of SMS messages from the Mobile and do the necessity things to follow up the medical attentions
In this proposed correspondence we introduce a temperature sensor to get this temperature. A LM 35 Sensor which periodically get the temperature of a patient, this information is connected to the microcontroller, where in the details is checked for abnormality and the information is displayed in a LCD screen. If at all there is any chance of abnormality at once the intimation SMS will be sent through GSM Modem.




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