Thursday, April 21, 2011


Cars on the same direction in highway usually keep a safe distance one another with a similar speed. However, due to the driver’s distraction, long-time driving fatigue, flake out, or even a sudden deceleration of the previous car, a serious collision accident may occur if the driver can not react in time to brake. On the other hand, drivers need the mirrors to know other approaching cars from two-side or from the rear end. Even the driver check around carefully, he cannot take an immediate respond, except push the horn, to a sudden approaching car and an accident is thus unavoidable. Therefore, developing a front-obstacle warning system and a rear end collision avoidance system subject to all directions are important in collision avoidance. For the front-end collision avoidance subsystem, Ultrasonic sensor is adopted to measure the distance with respect to the previous car. For rear-end end collision avoidance subsystem, the currently available ultrasonic sensors for vehicles are adopted for approaching cars with relatively low speed. While the rough reading of distance data cannot be applied directly, an intelligent approach is proposed to process the raw distance readout of sensors to produce appropriate warning signals.



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