Saturday, April 23, 2011


Wireless mediums are the latest technology developments and the primary reason being the wiring space and clean look. RF is one of the medium of transfer of data. There are multiple applications of RF. Latest applications have been transfer of data using RF technology for industrial automation. Due to increase in technology and the innovations there are some issues for child safety, the child needs to be protected from the hazards. The rates of crimes are only on the increase. However technology has also blessed us with many virtues. One such boon of technology is the protection. The intervention of child safety management system has greatly helped the security person to protect the child. Child safety management system is a specialized field dealing with protection of child at a particular place with the usage of easy-to-use technologies for security and comfort. Children are our most precious assets. While in your care, keeping them safe and secure is of utmost importance. RF Technologies has made infant abduction prevention straightforward: Safe Place Infant/Child gives you, and the child’s parents, the peace of mind knowing that if an abductor attempts to remove an infant through a protected doorway or other point of exit an alarm will sound. In fact, any attempt to tamper with system wiring or tags by unauthorized personnel will send an alert to the monitoring system



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