Thursday, April 21, 2011

Data Acquisition of Flex Nozzle Using Strain Guages and LVDT's

A missile can be used to attack various targets. They may be aerial, surface or sea born. Instrumentation plays a vital role in the design and analysis of different components in Aerodynamics engineering, especially in a missile. Every component designed for aerodynamics should have the ability to withstand certain amount of strain levels,pressure, vibrations, etc.
There are many ways to change the trajectory of the missile. One of the ways isby using a FLEX NOZZLE, in which the nozzle (which is flexible) is used to change thedirection of the missile. A flex nozzle consists of divergent, throat housing, shims and a seal. To approve the flex nozzle to be used in a missile, various qualification tests like vectoring test, null position test, etc., are to be conducted. During this stage there is a stringent requirement to measure various instrumentation parameters for finding out the efficiency, accuracy and to redesign the system, if necessary.
The aim of this project is to monitor the measurement procedure of different instrumentation parameters and the criteria involved in selecting the sensors, Data acquisition system and the software. The key parameters involved in selecting the dataacquisition system are the sampling rate, operating frequencies, minimum voltage to bemeasured, accuracy of the system, s/n ratio of the system etc., inclinometers are used to measure the displacement, where as strain gauges are used to measure strain, etc., the nozzle is approved if the practical and theoretical results meet with each other.



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