Saturday, April 23, 2011


The railroad industry’s own desire to maintain their ability to provide safe and secure transport of their customers hazardous materials, has introduced new challenges in rail security. Addressing these challenges is important, as railroads, and the efficient delivery of their cargo, play a vital role in the economy of the country. The theme of this project is to design a railway train which runs with out a human control. This automated application oriented train while moving on the track receives the IR signal by reaching the station .By detecting the IR signal our moving train immediately stops and the door automatically opens with the DC motor connected to it using a L293D driver. Now the passengers will come out of the out door, after some time the door will be closed automatically and then the in-door will be opened. Immediately train will start moving to the next station. One more advantage in this application is to avoid the accidents if there any track removing. Advanced RF communication is used for signaling. The whole system is divided into two modules, the Transmitter module and the Receiver module. But the important thing to be noted here is that there is no connection between the Transmitter and Receiver section. Radio frequency (RF signal of 434MHz) makes this task very simple.



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