Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hand Gestures recognition technology based wireless surveillence bomb diffusion system

This is an interesting robot that can be controlled by hand gestures and by a RF remote. This can be moved forward and reverse direction using geared motors of 60RPM. Also this robot can take sharp turnings towards left and right directions. This project uses AT89S52 MCU as its controller. A high sensitive induction type metal detector is designed using colpitts oscillator principle and fixed to this robot. Also a mobile phone signal isolator is interfaced to the kit.
When the robot is moving on a surface, the system produces a beep sound when bomb is detected. Simultaneously a signal is fed to the jammer section to switch on the jammer. This jammer diffuses the bomb by jamming the mobile signal of GSM or CDMA or 3G networks.
The RF modules used here are STT-433 MHz Transmitter, STR-433 MHz Receiver, HT640 RF Encoder and HT648 RF Decoder. The three switches are interfaced to the RF transmitter through RF Encoder. The encoder continuously reads the status of the switches, passes the data to the RF transmitter and the transmitter transmits the data.
This project uses 9V battery. This project is much useful for mines detection and surveillance applications.



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  1. Hi, this is a nice project, but in the .doc file you haven't mentioned anything about hand gesture recognition device. What is the hardware needed for that ?


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