Thursday, May 26, 2011


Now a day’s most of the fields depend on less manual operations and due to this demand every one is interested in automated systems. To face new challenges in the present day situation automated systems are more accurate, flexible and reliable. Due to these reasons every field prefers automated control systems. Especially in electronics automated systems are doing better job.

This system consists of sensors, stepper motors, TV, camera, micro controller, and Buzzer alarm. Sensors are connecting to the gates. Buzzer alarm, TV, and stepper motor these all are connecting to the micro controller. The alarm is ON if any one enters through the gate. Stepper motor is used for rotate the camera. If any one enters through gate the sensors sense the signal then automatically the alarm ON through micro controller operations. Camera observes the every thing at the gate. Camera rotates according to the micro controller instructions. With closed circuit TV we know who enters in to the gate. With this system we can provide security. Micro controller controls these all operations through assembly language instruction


The project is mainly based on the assembly language program to run the Micro controller.

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