Saturday, May 28, 2011


Design and development of touch screen based mobile phone aims at building a mobile phone with user friendly accessing and innovative features. Touch screens provide fast access to any and all types of digital media, with no text-bound interface getting in the way. Faster input can mean better service. Using a touch interface can effectively increase operator accuracy, reduce training time, and improve overall operational efficiencies, thus keeping costs down, a properly designed touch interface can improve each operator's accuracy.
Touch screens are practical in automation, which has become even simpler with touch screen technology. Owners familiar with the icon system appreciate touch screens that make automation systems user friendly. They not only provide user-friendly interface but also allows us for a faster access with different features. The life of the device can also be increased with the help of touch screens.
In this project we are making use of a raw GSM modem for communication purpose. We are going to construct the Graphical LCD with touch screen for user interface purpose. This graphical LCD displays the SMS and call related information. It also provides the facility to make and receive the calls using a numeric keypad.
This project can be developed as a mobile phone with the help of touch screen based keypad, graphical LCD, buzzer. By this we can completely design our own mobile with our own features.


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