Monday, May 2, 2011

The Design and Implementation of a Solar Tracking Generating Power System

Solar energy systems have emerged as a viable source of renewable energy over the past two or three decades, and are now widely used for a variety of industrial and domestic applications. Such systems are based on a solar collector, designed to collect the sun’s energy and to convert it into either electrical power or thermal energy. In general, the power developed in such applications depends fundamentally upon the amount of solar energy captured by the collector, and thus the problem of developing tracking schemes capable of following the trajectory of the sun throughout the course of the day on a year-round basis has received significant coverage in this project.

In Aden city (Yemen), the improvement in the performance of a solar cooker during summer was found to be as much as 40% for higher elevation angle and 70% for lower elevation angle, based on the developed tracking algorithms. Moreover, it was shown that the amount of solar energy captured by a tilted collector could be increased by more than 40% by adjusting the tilt angle on a seasonal basis.

This project is designed with AT89S52 MCU. Depending upon the light falls on LDR the data will be read by the Microcontroller and the direction of the motor will be changed. With this direction the Solar plates which are fixed to the stand will also rotates to gain the maximum sun rays.



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