Thursday, May 5, 2011


Most of the accidents in high-ways are happening due to the drowsiness of drivers, most often this symptom is found in long distance truck drivers, these drivers may take some time to recognize the opposite vehicle, which is running at low speed, resulting accident. This kind of accidents may happen due to the drunken drivers also. So to increase safety an electronic warning system is essential to alert the drivers. This kind of system can be installed in all types of vehicles, especially in commercial vehicles, so that accident rate can be minimized. The warning system designed here can be called as driver attention system, which raises an alarm and energizes the display board automatically when the following vehicle came near to the in-front running vehicle.
The system is designed with 89S52 microcontroller, the task is quite simple, the following vehicle detection circuit is designed with infrared sensors, when the IR signal is interrupted due to the following vehicle, the circuit generates high signal and it is fed to microcontroller. It offers several advantages over conventional multi-chip systems. There is a cost and space advantage as extra chip costs and printed circuit board and connectors required to support multi-chip systems are eliminated.



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