Saturday, May 28, 2011


This project aims in monitoring the path of the cabs (vehicle) to ensure security. The main objective of this project is achieved by the mechanism called data logging. In our project data logging is done from the GPS to the MMC card.
The MMC is an acronym for Multimedia memory card which is a storage device with some memory. The device is designed such that the GPS send the data related to the location in which it was present a control unit, the control unit writes this data into the memory card. The data written into the memory card can be transmitted to the Personal computer through wireless communication, for this the control unit has to access the MMC card and read the data and sends the same to the PC.
GPS is the acronym for Global Positioning System. It is employed to find the position where the user is located on the earth. This information is provided by the GPS with the help of the data it receives from the satellites.
Micro controller forms the controlling module and it is the heart of the device. The controller performs the functionality of receiving data from the GPS. The controller can be operated in two modes depending on the user input. The controller takes the input from the user and depending on that it either operates in write mode or read mode. In write mode it writes the data into the MMC card, while in the read mode it reads the data from the memory card.
The major advantage of this system is the use of wireless communication to transfer the data to personal computer. This may increase the hardware complexity but avoids the usage of cables which is an irritating task to connect when the data needed to be transmitted to the computer.


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