Saturday, May 28, 2011

GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system

The main purpose of this project is to get the vehicle registration information over wireless using GSM. This project is very useful for traffic police to get the vehicle owner’s name and registration information on the field itself. The system also displays the recent fines to be paid to the Government. It also will greatly help the traffic authority to trace lost vehicles.
This project makes use of the use of the microcontroller and GSM modem for remote operation. GSM offers fast data transmission and instant connections, subject to radio coverage. This makes our application operation very economical.
1. Supports wireless transmission over internet.
2. Uses GSM modem
3. Low power consumption
4. Less time consumption.
The project provides learning on the following advancements
1. Interfacing of GSM with microcontroller
2. Interfacing of RFID
3. Embedded C programming
4. PCB designing


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