Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Micro-controller Based Vigilance System

Railways, which is the best mode of transportation for the public in terms of fares, time and comfort and the government in terms of profits, apart from these railways employs thousands of peoples. This reflects the importance of the Railways. The trains, which are the backbone of the railways in yielding profits, must be effectively utilized.

Train that carries hundreds of passengers and thousands of worth goods must be driven carefully to avoid accidents. Surveys revealed that most of the train accidents occur due human faults. So care must be taken to reduce these human faults. Other wise there is a chance of train accidents, which takes hundreds of valuable lives and ultimately affects the growth of the railways.

Aim of project:
The areas, where maximum possible human faults are, signaling, track maintenance, and while driving. We concentrated on drivers to alert them while driving if they are neglect by chance. We will install this system to monitor the loco and alert the driver.

This system will check most common operations of loco like notch up, notch down, braking, horn, sanding etc. If loco is running and driver is not operating any control, our system will warn driver with visual and audio alarms. If there is no need to operate any control, driver has to press acknowledge key on the system to say that he is alert. Other wise, this system will apply brakes after predefined time.


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