Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Now a day’s, RADAR system are widely used to detect obstacles. They are used to detect enemy aircrafts; missiles, ships etc. and also they are used to determine the altitude of planes and clouds from the ground, controlling of planes at airports, to record speed of the cars, which exceed a specified limit, weather forecasts etc.

1)RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) is a way to detect and study far off targets by transmitting a radio pulse in the direction of the target and observing the reflection of the wave.
2)The idea is now to have this transmitted signal propagate to a target and receive the scattered signal ,About the angle of target.
3)It’s basically radio echo
Basic concept of radar:In this system we are simulating the RADAR function with optical beam. We are providing an IR transmitter and receiver in place of RF transmitter and receiver. If any object, reflecting the IR rays back to receiver can be detected. This transmitter and receiver are placed on rotating antenna to detect angle of the object.



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