Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The system is designed to automatically lock the vehicle as soon as it receives a predefined message from the user. The controlling unit contains the micro controller and the GSM modem interfaced to it. The controlling unit will be fixed to the vehicle. The micro controller continuously checks whether it has received any message from the modem. The modem provides the communication interface. The GSM modem is a wireless modem that works with a GSM wireless network whenever anyone tries to unlock or take away the vehicle, immediately a message will be sent to the user mobile. The user, after checking the message, can respond immediately to save his vehicle. The microcontroller retrieves this message from the modem by issuing certain AT and T commands to the modem. Thus, after receiving the message from the modem, the microcontroller automatically locks the vehicle. This will be done perfectly without the involvement of any human.
  1. using GPS tracking system we can detect the vehicle any where in the global
  2. automatic reduction of vehicle speed where an obstacle on the way to present loss in an accident
  3. diction of aichohol for a driver and limit the speed of the vechile not more than 40km/hr
  4. The GSM Modem supports popular "AT" command set so that users can develop applications quickly
  5. Uses GSM technology for following applications:


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