Saturday, July 16, 2011


There are many railway crossings which are unmanned due to lack of man power needed to fulfill the demands. Hence many accidents occur at such crossings since there is no one to take care of the functioning of the railway gate when a train approaches the crossing. This project is a step towards improving the status of such unmanned railway crossings. Here, the railway gate is closed automatically as train approaches the crossing and automatically the gate is opened after the train has crossed. Here the magnetic switches have been utilized to sense the train approach and departure.
This project is designed using Microcontroller IC 8051,the program is written and stored in the ROM of the 8051.when the Microcontroller is powered up, the controller starts working as per the program stored in the IC. To sense the train and to control the gates, the ports of Microcontroller are utilized. The main advantage of using Microcontroller, the size of the circuit is minimized to greater extent, consumes less power, reliable and has high accuracy in its operation.
The two magnetic sensors are placed 1/4th KM away from the railway gate crossing on either side of the gate .When the train approaches and passes on the magnetic sensor the gate buzzer produces sound for few seconds , which indicates to the motor vehicles that gate is about to close and no one should cross the gate. Similarly once the Train passes on the other sensor kept at other side of the gates will be opened. The distance of placing sensors can be adjusted. This project is facilitated with multi options such as anti collision system for trains and it sends indication to the driver in the train as soon as the track is cut or removed.


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