Friday, July 8, 2011


Now a day’s technology is running with time, it completely occupied the life style of human beings. It is being used every where in our daily life to fulfil our requirements. We are employing different sensors for different applications some times we may even use same sensors differently for different applications. We can not only increase the speed of life but also increase security with good ideas by making use of advanced technology. In this project we are making use of technology to sense serious health problems so that efficient medical servic
es can be provided to the patient in appropriate time.The functioning of this device is based on the truth that the blood circulates for every one heart beat which can be sensed by using a circuit formed by the combination of an LDR and LED. Depending upon the rate of circulation of blood per second the heart beat rate per minute is calculated. This device consists of a microcontroller which takes the input from the heart beat sensor and calculates the heart rate of the patient. The micro controller also takes the responsibility to send message through GSM modem. The main objective of this project is:1. Realtime monitoring of health status of a person.2. Patients location be traced our easily using GPS based positioning system.3. Sends alerts in the form of SMS messages to emergency ambulance.


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