Saturday, July 16, 2011


The purpose this project is to construct a virtual fencing that functions similar to physical fencing. Virtual fencing for the wild animals is meant to restrict animals to move in only few areas. For example in recent days we can find the elephants coming in to the villages and damaging their lands, houses, and even their lives in this case we can restrict the elephants to the forest itself, not only elephants it may be any other wild animals we can stop them from coming out of the forest. In the other case we generally find our pet animals missing from home, even in this case we can stop our pet animal from going outside the home. In both the above cases we can make use of the virtual fencing project to restrict the movement of the animals beyond particular location.
The GPS is the acronym for Global positioning system. This GPS receiver is capable of identifying the location in which it was present in the form of latitude and longitudes. This information is very useful and can be processed for alerting the boat drivers. The GPS gives the data received from the satellites. For this information the GPS communicates with at least three satellites in the space.
Here the term virtual sounds the presence of nothing, so the meaning of virtual fencing is to provide fencing without constructing anything physically. For this purpose we make use of the current location of the animal which can be known with the help of the GPS and whenever it was about to cross its area it will have a shock which forces it to stay in the location to which it was restricted. The device consists of a micro controller which receives the information from the GPS and monitors the Shock providing circuit.


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