Saturday, July 16, 2011

GSM Based Automatic Irrigation System Using AT89C51 Microcontroller

GSM Based Automatic Irrigation System
The emdedded system project is mainly used to control the switching function on-off action of a motor. To take control in the field based on the weather conditions in dry and as well as wet conditions of the field using mobile GSM Technology.
The Main Components of Project
1) Microcontroller
2) Vehicle or Robot
3) DC Motors, to run the Vehicle
4) Sensing logic
5) LCD, to display the status of the field and the communication between circuit and the user mobile.
6) Power Supply
This project is developed based on EMBEDDED System concepts and along with GSM Technology. Irrespective of weather conditions like the dry condition, the logic implemented on the system senses the state of the field and transfer the signals it to the microcontroller. We can know the status of the field by sending a message to the GSM modem which is placed at the field. Using the mobile device the switch can be operated on-off states with the motor by sending the appropriate commands to the kit through the GSM modem. Thus the irrigation motor can be controlled through our mobiles using GSM technology.


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