Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mobile Phone Controlled PC With Control Electronic Devices

The main aim of this project is to control the computer system and electrical devices using a mobile phone with GSM technology. Instead of using mouse, one can use this device from certain distance. This device can perform all the functions that mouse carries like, Left-click, Right-click and movement of the curser.
This project consists of a mobile phone for controlling the PC and electrical devices from a remote location. User has to operate the PC within the visible distance. For example user can operate the PC kept at railway stations or waiting halls with his mobile phone. This project consists of Microcontroller based control system attached to the PC. A GSM modem is connected to the microcontroller as input device. GSM modem receives the respective message from the mobile phone and converts them into a four-bit signal. This four bit data is then fed to the microcontroller for further processing. Based on this the microcontroller sends information to the application running on PC through a RS232 serial cable interface. The software running inside the pc takes the responsibility of controlling the mouse pointer and other application in PC.
Automated sensors and remote communication aims at building a highly automated wireless system, which can be monitored with the help of a remote mobile. The employment of the GSM mobile into the project makes the device to overcome distance limitation.


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