Saturday, July 9, 2011


The overview of this project is to implement portable lift to carry items in the apartments or houses or offices, the items placed in the lift are automatically detected and carried to the predetermined floor and will intimate the user about the presence of items in the by giving a sound wirelessly with the help of a buzzer which is interfaced to the microcontroller present inside the room. The microcontroller will automatically detect the presence of item placed in the lift and carry it to the desired location. Here we are looking only into controlling part of the lift and implementation of mechanical part is ignored.
Suppose any material is kept in the lift with some identification, then the lift shall detect the material by reading the RFID tag and by detecting the material, lift shall identify the owner of the material with ID and it shall go to particular floor and intimates to owner of the material by giving the beep message in the house using RF communication.


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