Saturday, July 16, 2011

Security system with Image capturing

Now-a-days security is very important in every aspect. To protect the data, information in the offices, business establishments from leakage and for theft control security is important. So many people prefers security system arranged usually at the entrance of an restricted area
An Access control system forms a vital link in any security chain. The Microcontroller based digital lock presented here is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area. This is helpful in industrial areas where only authorized persons are allowed to enter into a particular area.
The system uses a circuitry built around 8051 Micro controller, where the security is provided by entering password to enter into restricted areas. Coding for the project will be developed in embedded C. Flash magic will be used for loading of programs into microcontroller. In addition to that the security system is advanced with the usage of wireless cameras, which is attached to the entire system so that it can capture the image of a person and where we can identify whether he is a authorized or not. Because a non- authorized person may also enter the password.
The system comprises a small electronic unit with a numeric pad, Green/Red LEDs,buzzer and LCD display. It also consists the wireless camera outside the door. When an authorized person enters a pre-determined (number password) via the keypad. The wireless camera shoots the image and that image can be viewed on the monitor so that we can check whether the person is an authorized or not. If the entered password is wrong it gives a longer beep of one second.


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