Saturday, October 8, 2011


The main aim of this project is to intimate staff about their class. In this system we use GSM modem to communicate the staff. This is a wireless technology, which shows the improvement in technology in a right way’s .GSM (global system for mobile communication) normally the data required is been loaded in microcontroller’s ram and the total schedule of the college is considered here. This is an emerging technology which is regularly in use, but data must be loaded. normally staff check’s the time table for every class, by using these system we can over come these types of problems. Normally these are placed near HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT or any person who assign time table. He can also change the schedule when a sudden change occurs. By this system, staff - no need to check the time tables every time. Simply they are been intimated through sms before 10 or 20 minutes as required.


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