Saturday, July 21, 2012


In the project design and development of footsteps based energy for street lights consists of pressure transducer, relay, comparator, battery, Real Time Clock(RTC), micro controller, street light.

The main aim of this project is to generate the energy through the pressure generated by footsteps.This micro controller setup is placed at foot path when a person walking along the foot path the footsteps of the person generates some pressure and that pressure generated by the person is noted down by the pressure transducer connected to the micro controller the pressure generated at the transducer is converted into the electrical energy and that energy is stored into the battery connected to it.
This energy can be used to the street light to turn it on during night times the street light can be switch on automatically without any human effort by simply setting on and off time in RTC. By using this we can develop extra energy without wasting the other resources.
Lot of energy is wasted for the street lights as they don’t switch off at the right time and if this project is implemented in areas where there is lot of pedestrian floating in busy areas and railway stations, power is cost effectively saved as there will be no need of separate power supply from the power stations to the street lights.

SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’ language.
TOOLS:Keil, Flash magic
TARGET DEVICE: 8051 Microcontroller
APPLICATIONS: Used on roads to generate energy.
REFERENCE: The 8051 micro controller and embedded systems by Mazidi.


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  1. What is the amount of energy(volts) generated from transducer?


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