Friday, March 29, 2013

Basic things to start the electronics project

We need a multimeter to measure voltage(Alternating and Direct),current,resistance,capacitance.This is very useful to rectify the errors in the electrical circuits in the home as well as in the electronic devices.
A soldering rod is required to start fixing the components on to the PCB
Lead is useful like gum sticking the things, similarly the components on to the PCB which is heated by the soldering rod and put on the board.
Flux(paste) acts as additive or catelyst in putting hot Lead on to the board which clubs the circuit end points and the board.
Wiring is one more thing which should be kept aside while working with devices.Mainly the copper wires are taken here.

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  1. Multimeter is always necessary while doing a project. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing the basic tips and tricks of electronics project.


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