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Engineers change the lifestyle of the present world.Engineering is the way to add value to each and every aspect of human life.
Without Engineers today we havent advanced in all the fields of profession.Every industry today needs engineers and engineering services.This criteria is attracting the engineering talents to collaborate and be part of success.

Today lot of Universities/Engineering colleges are establised and started preparing engineering graduates .Most Graduates coming out of colleges without any job option in hand.Many colleges are failing to train the students towards the Job Market needs.Here the major problem with skilled faculty members,lab facilities,Inefficient college management,Unfavourable conditions in college environment in the college.And the core companies are looking for technically skilled and job ready professionals.Reputed companies are hiring the candidates from again reputed colleges (or) colleges located in Major cities.

Career Guidance is good platform to provide the advice/asisstance regarding jobs mainly for engineering students and graduates

Here are the job options in today job market.
1)CORE ENGINEERING JOBS(Embedded ,VLSI,communications..)
3)Government sector jobs
4)Bank jobs(Private and Govt sector)
5)Teaching faculty
6)Self employeed


VLSI companies

are hiring the students from top colleges .If you want VLSI as your career,then we would suggest you to go for GATE(INDIA) exam(or) Masters degree in reputed college.Good programming skills are required in VHDL,Verilog,MATLAB,Labview,simulations.Candidates who want to start the career in VLSI may go with good lab practises in VHDL,Digital Design and also Analog design & devices.Also taking up small projects in this Digital design brings a lot of difference in technical skills.Before getting into VLSI a lot of preparation is required in graduation and if not succeeded better try in Post Graduation under recognised universities/colleges.
If you are sound enough in technical subjects and basics,it is added advantage to try all Government sector technical jobs.People interested in higher studies can go for GATE(INDIA)exam.As a faculty in reputed colleges ,opportunities are very good and lot many are coming up with growing needs in colleges in all the countries.Again as a faculty member establishing relations with the industries ,small scale projects are offered from industries which will help in furthur career growth.

Embedded systems

industry is growing drastically ,in this you need good programming skills in C,C++.Not simple programming examples rather execellent programming in Data Strutures .Understanding kernel programming,device drivers and operating systems is required.Students are not concentrating on programming languages in college days which is lessening the chances of getting embedded jobs.Improving your skillset in the mentioned areas also helps in IT jobs today.IT companies look for programmers and programming is the main task in IT projects.'C' language is mandatory and is starting point for all programming subjects.A lot of useful projects can be taken as intiatives which automates the activities of any industries and this is achieved through creative thinking and putting efforts.This doesnt need to complete entire graduation or till wait for final semester, for starting a project getting trained in any reputed embedded systems institute gives you a lot of advantage.Curriculum subjects wont cover much and helpful for realtime working.
Lot of subdomains are present in Embedded systems which are totally depending.
1)Automotive embedded(Includes robotics)
2)Healthcare devices
4)Satellite communications
5)Avionics(Aeroplanes ..)
6)Testing and Measurement

Note:Be attentive in the subjects which makes you employers preferred for IT and embedded systems.Without programming skills ,it is difficult to grab the opportunities.The above mentioned skills can be improved in college days itself.In the four year degree, alot can be done if time management is taken care properly.


Many people dream about the communications and having little guidance always gets confused about the opportunities in telecom.Telecom equipment R&D ,manufacturing companies are purely under embedded sytems industry.All the telecom equipment are bulit on embedded platform with advanced micro-processors also called network processors.Network processor programming is not known to many because micro-controllers are cheaper and only known if embedded systems is spoken. There are wide variety of products designed by many companies and outsourcing their work to IT engineering & services companies like WIPRO,HCL,TECHMAHINDRA,ARICENT,CALSOFT,SASKEN,TCS.

There are lot of other opportunities in telecom 24X7 .Graduates are recruited for monitoring the network, Engineers have to monitor the network 365daysX24hoursX(7days a week).Work is on rotational shift basis.Telecom giants Airtel,Vodafone,Reliance(India based) outsource these activities to third party vendors.
Oppportunities tend to grow because INTERNET and MOBILE Phone users are increasing day by day and networks are getting expanded .


IT services industry growth is now saturated for past few years.IT boom is no more a new word and it is older by now.Still this industry is offering more jobs than any other mentioned in opportunities list.Today lots of countries are using IT services in public and private sector and it is a big list not even big its ocean.Still there are refinements are going in the software used to perform better and improve the services offered.

Creativity,regular skill updation,crazy about new technologies

are the important among skillsets required to stay in field stable.
However there is nothing to establish/prove as a grdaute from electronics background in this IT industry.Lack of job opportunities in core engineering and less pay options making techies to move towards IT high paying jobs.Students with lack of knowledge/guidence are wasting time after graduation in job hunt/search.Lets see how to target a job in IT industry as a FRESHER.


a)From the begining of engineering study,concentrate on programming subjects and improve programming skills in C,C++.However the time taken for learning and practising 'C ' language is 1-2 Months
b)Even embedded systems industry needs execellent programming skills in C,C++,Operating systems,SDK for code development
c)Without programming skills it is bit tougher for an average student(from non reputed colleges without campus placements) to get job
d)Always working on programming,please take project intiatives in embdedded sytems and develop software codes.This makes you to be a skilled professional to work flexibly in software and Embedded jobs.
e)I have stressed programming many times here, you can understand how important it is for getting a job.

I am listing here few IT jobs here:


1)Java(core,advanced,j5ee,spring,hibernate,struts,adobe flex,web services)Lots of jobs are in Java compared to other technologies
2)dotnet(,,,SQL server)Very few jobs in dot net technology,please donot concentrate much in this
3)SAPThough it is a good and fast emerging in the industry,they are 40+ modules in SAP and jobs are separate modulewise
4)MainframesIt is a older and stable technology, day by day companies are moving towards latest technologies
5)AS400same as mainframes
6)C++ developer
7)Scripting languages php,Java scripting(different from actual java),python,PERL,tcl,Ruby




1)System administration(UNIX,AIX,HP UX,SOLARIS,AS400,MAINFRAME)
2)Websphere administration
3)Network Administration(CCNA,CCNP skills)
4)Database administration(Oracle DBA,Apps DBA,DB2,SQL DBA)
5)SAP administration
6)Desktop administration
7)Network operations


1)Manual testing(most probably web testing)
2)Performance testing
2)Automation Testing includes
  b)HP tools QTP,Load runner
  c)Shell/Perl automation
  d)IBM rational tools

Faculty/Trainer:Plenty of opportunities in training industry.People who are good in communication can takeup this profession.This is superior to all other professions but not getting good recognition. Universtites and corporates are paying good salaries for the faculty members for training programmes and skill improvement programmes. With good knowledge on technology anyone can get opportunities in private institutions as well as partime trainings. Expertise is the key aspect where as a trainer you improve a lot and deliever good subject as well. This way participating in the international forums for research and takepart in technology exhibitions, brings good reputation.
Without effective communication skills and technical expertise this profession is not suitable to all.

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